***NEW YORK BY NORSE showcase FEAT. Enslaved and Einar Selvik (of Wardruna)***

"Just like it was for many Norsemen before us, after the success of our sonic raid in London, the desire to continue further westwards came faster than you can say Christopher Columbus. Viking jokes aside, it feels fantastic to announce New York By Norse. We aim to present a cultural event that encompass both the ancient as well as the contemporary and on a more personal note I am very much looking forward to do my first ever performance in New York!"— Einar Selvik of Wardruna.

By Norse is very proud and happy to announce New York By Norse happening 12/9 and 12/10!

By Norse, known as a "platform for art, music, literature, film, and culture," will host an installment of events throughout December 9 and 10 in New York City, presented together with Noisey. These happenings are designed to support Norwegian art, music, literature, film, and culture abroad. New York By Norse will also serve as a celebration of 25 years of Grammy award-winning metal band Enslaved and as a platform for showcasing of Einar Selvik of Wardruna. More information on the variety of unique art exhibitions, workshops, and special performances can be found below.


Friday, December 9 @ Scandinavia House: 

Bardspec (Enslaved's Ivar Bjørnson Official feat. Kevin Hufnagel of Gorguts)

The BARDSPEC is the Ambient project of Enslaved composer/guitarist Ivar Bjørnson Official. This showcase will feature the set-up of Bjørnson: his computer, some keys, a few strings, a pedal or two, a video canon and sometimes, a trapeze artist. Dark, surprisingly rhythmic and hypnotic-psychedelic, yet minimizing, cutting away, subtracting and meditating upon the simplest essence of things, Bardspec uses of the best of the basic elements and building blocks that make up the whole to create a sonic atmosphere. Here, he will be joined by none other than Gorguts guitarist Kevin Hughes.


Einar Selvik Workshop - "The Thoughts and Tools Behind Wardruna":

Einar speaks about his approach to Norse historical music and the extensive creative concept behind Wardruna´s ongoing Runaljod trilogy. Other topics will include his approach and study of the runes and other Norse esoteric arts, the oldest Nordic instruments, playfully acoustic Wardruna music, including the newest release of the trilogy, "Ragnarok" and a Q&A segment.

This showcase is limited to 150 tickets only. Tickets are on sale from tomorrow, June 23rd, 10AM EST:


Saturday, December 10 @ Gramercy Theatre:

Exhibition by Kim Holm including Grimposium panel (starting 5 PM):

Norwegian creative artist and motion designer Kim Holm will display his works and do live paintings of the artists while performing on stage. Grimposium founder Vivek Venkatesh and filmmaker David Hall will hold the Grimposium panel including a special Enslaved announcement. The two will dig deep into Enslaved's past and present while also surprising fans with a special secret event, one that has been predicted to be "time-bending and mind-warping."


Enslaved 25, "Then and Now" - Two sets, one night!

New York By Norse will conclude with Enslaved 25, in order to celebrate a quarter-century of one of Norway's most revered artists. The band will be playing two set, each highlighting the uniqueness of, but also the coherence in, the “Then” and the “Now” in Enslaved's history. This showcase will feature a performance by Einar Selvik, along with pieces of musical project Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik’s Skuggsjá featuring both Einar Selvik and Ivar Bjørnson Official. Kim Holm will be on site creating live paintings of the event to be sold after the show. With more details to come, those interested are encourage to descend upon Gramercy Theatre to celebrate Enslaved 25 in partnership with By Norse — celebrate in style!

This showcase will have limited tickets. Tickets are on sale from Friday, Jun 24th, 10AM EST:

“2016 is Enslaved's 25th anniversary as a band, and it is simply not acceptable leaving the US out of our celebrations. With a crazy schedule set for the year, we were turning every stone for an opening - and we found one! We are extremely proud to be able to present a double set in New York; to give the full width of old and new material, in conclusion of a fantastic year of celebration. When we started talking about By Norse and how we could bring the concept out into the world; "New York By Norse" was one of the first ideas to be verbalized. At the time it seemed more like a dream scenario than anything else. Then came London By Norse in March earlier this year; our first materialization of the concept - and it was a massive success! Turns out all these crazy visions were possible to turn into real life after all... and here we are.“ - Ivar Bjørnson Official of Enslaved.

June. 22, 2016



Enslaved re-issues "Vikingligr Veldi" - for the first time ever out on vinyl this September!

The re-issue of "Vikingligr Veldi" will co-incide with Enslaved's 25 European Tour and will be available in a LIMITED Enslaved 25 Webshop edition and a regular edition!

The astonishing new layout was done by Z. Bielak (Ghost, Mayhem, etc.) and includes four brand new illustrations specially made for this legendary album.

Z. Bielak has stayed true to the ideals of the era (it was originally scheduled for release in 1993); this 2LP Gatefold with illustrated pockets has been respectfully remastered for vinyl by Iver Sandøy; preserving every bit of original dynamics. 

"We have been waiting since the day we recorded it, and at last it is happening! It has been a challenging journey, and it has demanded a lot of patience and understanding from all parts involved. The day we hold the finished product in our hand will be as sacred a day for us as the day we finished recording it". - Ivar and Enslaved

Enslaved`s 1st full-length album was co-produced with the legendary Pytten in Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway. This album has lyrics in Icelandic, and is a tribute to the Norse landscape, history and mythology. The songs are matching these themes with long horizontal songscapes, dense atmospheres and winds from the past.  

More details will be revealed soon!


June. 14, 2016



"Can you believe it??? We won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for best Underground! Thanks to.. YOU for voting for us, Euronymous for spotting us, Osmose for carrying us forward and Nuclear Blast for where we are now. And a special thanks to Tonje Peersen for managing the chaos that is us between 2005 and 2015 and Simon Füllemann for taking over and bringing us up to right here!”
– Ivar Bjørnson, Kjetil Grutle & Enslaved

June. 13, 2016



Enslaved will be making a stop in Italy for their Spinning Wheel Ritual Tour this October.

This tour is part of their 25 year Anniversary celebration.




June. 10, 2016




We are excited to present Wardruna and Enslaved's new EU online stores. Both stores are available

with german and english language options. 


Check out the stores here:

Wardruna -

Enslaved -



June. 10, 2016




Our own ALU Beer is now available on tap at Lysverket, one of Norway's finer restaurants.


June. 3, 2016






As previously announced, Wardruna will release the third and final album in the Runaljod trilogy, entitled “Runaljod – Ragnarok” through own label By Norse Music this October and we will follow up with some selected concerts.

12 Nov. LEIPZIG - Kuppelhalle / Eventpalast (DE)

13 Nov. LODZ, Wytwórnia - (PL),pl.html

15 Nov. UTRECHT, TivoliVredenburg, Symphonic Hall (NL)
17 Nov. LONDON, Union Chapel (UK)
18 Nov. PARIS, Trabendo (FR)
25-26 Nov. STOCKHOLM, Nalen (SE)
01 Dec. COPENHAGEN, Portalen (DK) Support: KRAUKA
21 Jan. Oslo, Setrum Scene (NO)


Wardruna is also performing three concerts before the release, which are all set in fantastic surroundings and will all feature new music from “Runaljod - Ragnarok”.
27 Aug. HÅKONSHALLEN, Bergen (NO)
2-4 Sept. FAERIEWORLDS, Portland (USA)

May. 25, 2016



Einar Selvik (Wardruna) and Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) together with Simon Fullemann (AISA) launch record label By Norse Music and release Wardruna "Runaljod - Ragnarok" in October 2016!

It is with great pride and excitement that we present to you our very own record label. Starting as an event project last year, launching our own beer ALU, we are finally ready to go official with part 3 - our own record label. With our network, experience and dedication in the music world, it made sense to just do it all ourselves and put our knowledge in the same pot. So we created By Norse Music!

"Whether or not it is booking a concert or releasing an album, my experience with Wardruna is that since it does not really fit into any defined genre or «fixed machinery», but branch out into a multifold of them, it demands special attention and effort to meet its potential and needs. So for many years now my wish and vision has been to, at some point, create a label for my own as well as other carefully selected music and art that would be flexible and also resourceful enough be able to handle each unique project on it´s own premises and adapt to its needs rather than squeeze everything into the same machinery. The time has come for realization and I feel very exited about venturing into this together with dedicated people I hold in high esteem both personally and professionally" - Einar, Wardruna


Wardruna "Runaljod - Ragnarok" out in October 2016!

This upcoming fall Wardruna will complete the circle and release the final part of the Runaljod trilogy. Runaljod - Ragnarok is the very much anticipated third part of the release, following Runaljold - Gap Var Ginnunga in 2009 and Runaljod - Yggdrasil in 2013. One of the songs from the upcoming album was recently released on our official sites and was met with great enthusiasm. The final album in the Runaljod Trilogy will be released this October on several different formats.

The first release concert in Norway will be held in Oslo, January 2017. Tickets are up for sale since 13th of May! Get your ticket here:

Einar Selvik is currently nominated for the Norwegian Music Export by Spellemann, Norway's renowned award for musicians, for his work making Norway's heritage acclaimed internationally. and Vikings- creator Michael Hirst had this to say about his nomination:


Enslaved is currently celebrating 25 years in 2016 with selected catalog re-issues!

Enslaved are an institution in the worldwide Metal scene and they are stronger than ever. Their 13th album In Times received great critical claim from several holds, amongst Metal Hammer Magazine who awarded them with Album of the month in March last year.

The album was also nominated for best metal album by the acclaimed Spellemann, Norway's most prestigious music Award, alongside 7 of their previous releases which they have won 4 of. To celebrate 25 years of existence, Enslaved have launched a series of 6 limited edition collectors shirts whereof 2 have already been released. The shirts can be purchased here:

Metal hammer have recently nominated Enslaved for the Golden Gods Awards 2016. Vote for them in the best underground category here:

" I am thrilled and proud to be part of the brand new tribe that is By Norse Music. Firstly, I still believe in “the record label” as a highly relevant entity. If a label is flexible, innovative and adapted to the new reality – it can more than ever act as a powerful catalyst for great art. I know we do just that. Secondly, working together with the partners most akin to my own business philosophy - integrity, not being an asshole and working very hard - is inspiring and brings out the best in me! Thirdly, going on this trip (psych reference!) with the best of friends is not only a good idea; it is also lot of fun!" - Ivar, Enslaved

By Norse - an innovative force in today`s music industry!

By Norse Music is located in Bergen/Norway and currently have Wardruna and selected back catalog items of Enslaved in their stall. It is a platform supporting and building up Norwegian art, music, literature, film and culture to reinforce Norwegian heritage and traditions.  By Norse was founded in 2015 by the three of us, Einar Selvik (Fimbuljod Productions, Wardruna), Ivar Bjørnson (Peersen Production AS, Enslaved, BardSpec) and Simon Füllemann (AISA - All Independent Service Alliance LLC, All Access Agency). 

"In times where knowledge about diversification, market segments, consumer patterns, niche genres, commercialization and so forth is more important than ever to make a valid business case and build a successful career, it is vital to gather the right people to protect and nurture the rights owners interests the best we can. That is By Norse." - Simon, AISA


By Norse Team,
Einar Selvik, Simon Füllemann and Ivar Bjørnson




- May. 19, 2016








- May. 4, 2016




Enslaved will be a part of the lineup for this years edition of Euroblast in September. They will play alongside Oceans of Slumber, Promethee and Born of Osiris along with many more!

Check the link below for full lineup!

- May. 2, .2016




Einar Selvik known for his unique music as seen in History Channel's Vikings, has been nominated by Spellemann and Music Norway for the Norwegian Export Music Award 2015. The winner  will be announced by the end of May. The price goes to an Norwegian artist that has contributed greatly with their music abroad. 

Click on the link below for more information!



- Apr. 27, .2016





Enslaved just announced that another one of their limited 25th Anniversary T-shirts are available online. This unique shirt will only be available online and for two performances in Rotterdam and during the Wave Gothic Festival in Leipzig. This is a part of a "collect them all" special edition to win VIP goodies and a to photograph the band. 


Click on the link below to secure yourself a shirt!



- Apr. 26, .2016





Einar Selvik from Wardruna will do a solo concert at Borre in Norway on the 19th of June. The concert will be held in a viking long- house as a part of the "Vestfold Festspillene" in June.

Get your ticket here:



- Apr. 24, .2016





We are going to Montreal, Canada this July for the official premiere of the "Blekkmetal" film. There will be a Q&A panel, special panels by AISA, The All Independent Service Alliance, as well as the Canadian premiere of Ivar Bjørnson's independent ambient project. We look forward to seeing you there! 


-Apr. 21, .2016




Enslaved has just announced that they are going to Tokyo, Japan in October to play Loud Park. They are teaming up with Amorphis, Killswitch Engage, Children of Bodom and Scorpions alongside many more. Check the poster for for full lineup! 


- Apr.19, .2016




Enslaved has been nominated in this year’s Metal Hammer Golden God Awards! Vote for them in the Best Underground category! Support here:


- Apr.5, .2016




Wardruna will play Faerieworlds in Portland, Oregon in September this year!

- Mar. 24, .2015




We are very happy to present you – alongside announcing the first dates of our 25th anniversary tour in Europe – an Enslaved 25 mini-documentary done by Costin Chioreanu during London By Norse this past weekend!

Ivar says: "Having been back home for mere hours from London (By Norse), this amazing short movie arrives from our friend Costin. He has documented the event, talked to us and edited forth this absolutely killer, compact story from the weekend. Still while the air remains thick with the festival atmosphere. Evil and Costin never sleeps."

It will give our fans an idea where we came from, how this year is a true milestone for Enslaved and what is laying ahead. See you all in the pit, and thank you for the support this past 25 years!

- Mar. 23, .2015




After a fantastic three days of performances at ByNorse in London, ENSLAVED 25 will continue around Europe to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band!

The more progressive minded set, ‘Spinning Wheel Ritual’ will be the focus of this tour:

‘Spinning Wheel Ritual’ is looking firmly to the future and the most recent chapter in Enslaved’s story. Their progressive nature will take centre stage, as more recent albums like ‘Vertebrae’, ‘RIITIIR’ and ‘In Times’ are placed together for the first time. The focus here will be a reimagining of sorts – the emphasis on the band being viewed in a new light, touching potential new audiences as well as those who have followed the band since the early days.

To help set the tone, Enslaved will be bringing one of the most exciting progressive metal artists out as special guest on this run: Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris. This band should need no introduction having gained widespread attention with 2014’s ‘Citadel’ album and a festival run in 2015 that saw tents packed at Hellfest, Graspop, Resurrection and more.

Currently announced dates as below:

29/09/16 – Aarau, KiFF

30/09/16 – Stuttgart, Club Cann

15/10/16 – Berlin, BiNuu

16/10/16 – Warsaw, Progresja

17/10/16 – Wroclaw, Firlej

18/10/16 – Prague, Nova Chelmnice

19/10/16 – Munich, Backstage

20/10/16 – Vienna, Szene

22/10/16 – Brasov, Club Rockstadt

24/10/16 – Ljubljana, Kino Siska

02/11/16 – Toulouse, Metronum

03/11/16 – Rennes, Antipode

04/11/16 – Paris, Divan du Monde

05/11/16 – Leeds, Damnation Festival

07/11/16 – Leeuwarden, Neushoorn

08/11/16 – Tilburg, 013

09/11/16 – Hanover, Musikzentrum

10/11/16 – Dresden, Beatpol

‘Thurisaz Dreaming’ –



- Mar. 23, .2015



Einar Selvik performed on season 4, episode 6 on Vikings!

Watch the clip here:

- Mar. 22, .2015



LONDON BY NORSE: Thank you all!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for making London By Norse an outstanding event! First and foremost to all the fans for supporting our event!
A special thank you to JoshSarika, Jon Vyner & Natasha, MariusNinaPålPhilNatashaKristian EspedalDagKjetilCostinBjørnar & Vulture IndustriesHelheim, our incredible partners, our fantastic DJs JonathanWalterGrutle Kjellson and all the helping hands, and venues. We have no words to explain how wonderful the last 3 days have been for us. Without a great teamwork, it would not have been possible to do such a successful event. We had the best team and on top of that, tons of fun!
Einar, Ivar, Simon
EnslavedWardrunaIvar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik’s SkuggsjáIvar Bjørnson OfficialAll Independent Service Alliance - AISA

- Mar. 20, .2015




LONDON BY NORSE: Stage times announced!

The Dome
Doors: 7.00pm
Vulture Industries: 8.00 - 8.50pm
Enslaved: 9.10 - 10.40pm

The Forge
Doors: 5.00pm
Ivar Bjørnsons BardSpec: 5.45 - 6.30pm
Einar Selvik: 7.00 - 7.45pm

The Underworld
Doors: 6.30pm
Helheim: 7.20 - 8.10pm
Enslaved: 8.30 - 10:00pm

Afterparty (Black Heart)
10:00 - 2am

The Coronet
Doors: 5.30pm
Wardruna: 6.30 - 7.45pm
Enslaved: 8.05 - 9.20pm
Skuggsjá: 9.50 - 10.50pm

- Mar. 08, .2015




LONDON BY NORSE: After-party announcement!

On the Friday after the ENSLAVED (25 year anniversary) w/ Helheim @ The Underworld and Einar Selvik (Wardruna) / Ivar Bjørnsons BardSpec at The Forge, Camden we will be having a killer party at The Black Heart over the road with special guest DJs Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved), Walter Hoeijmakers (Roadburn Festival) and Jonathan Selzer (Metal Hammer).
Expect denim, leather and viking horns until late!

- Mar. 07, .2015




ALU BY NORSE - 2nd launch party announced!

Bergen - come and celebrate with us!, and Voss bryggeri teamed up to bring you Alu By Norse - handcrafted Norwegian farmhouse ale!

 - Feb. 25., 2015




By Norse launches its own beer: ALU BY NORSE!

We (By Norse) have been cooperating with Grünerløkka Brygghus and Voss Bryggeri on the brewing of a special beer based on old Norwegian brewing traditions. It is called ALU By Norse and we are soon having our first launch event in Oslo (more to come!):

 - Feb. 22., 2015




New Posters including support acts online!

We have new posters online including the support bands Helheim and Vulture Industries!

 - Feb. 18., 2015